1. What makes “TRAILERS ON DEMAND” so unique?
We developed a system with customer convenience as our main objective. We do not charge for delivery or collection in most suburbs, whereas other businesses charge up to $40 within a 15km radius for delivery and/or collection.

2. What does it cost to hire a trailer from “TRAILERS ON DEMAND”?
Trailer hire rates start from as low as $29 per day for rentals of 8 days or more, moving up gradually to a maximum of $49 for one day. This includes FREE delivery and collection in most suburbs surrounding North Lakes.

3. When will my “TRAILERS ON DEMAND” trailer be delivered and collected?
Trailers can be delivered in as little as one hour if required. Trailers will be collected upon request from customer.

4. What size trailer can I rent from “TRAILERS ON DEMAND”?
All trailers are standard 6 X 4 caged trailers, which is the most commonly used trailer for domestic purposes in Australia. All trailer boxes are 300mm deep with a 600mm high galvanised cage.

5. Do you need someone home for delivery and collection?
If paying through EFT we do not require anyone home to accept delivery. The trailer will be left in a suitable position and locked to avoid theft. We do not need anyone home during collection as long as the trailer is ready for collection and secured with the supplied safety cable .

6. What is the minimum hire period? There is no minimum trailer hire period. Minimum payment is $49.00.

7. What colours are “TRAILERS ON DEMAND” trailers available in?
Trailers are black with a galvanised cage.

8. Are the trailers painted?
Yes, all trailers have a black powder coated finish to help protect them from the elements.

9. Where are we located?
We operate from North Lakes but this is not a collection or return depot. All trailers are delivered and collected by us.

10. Can I collect my trailer after business hours?
No trailers can be collected or delivered at our depot. Trailers are delivered to and collected from the customer.

11. Is there a charge for you to deliver or collect?
No. We do not charge anything for delivery or collection to most suburbs surrounding North Lakes. See list for free delivery and collection locations. Any other suburbs within a 30km radius will incur a delivery and collection fee. Please get in contact to discuss.

12. Do I have to sign a rental agreement when I rent a trailer?
Yes. For full details please refer to our Trailer Hire Terms and Conditions

13. Can I take my hire trailer interstate?

14. What are my payment options?
Payments for rentals are accepted by EFT, Visa/Master Card or cash at the time of delivery.

15. How much can I carry on my hire trailer?
Our Trailers are rated to carry 480Kgs.

16. Do I need a tow bar?
Yes, tow bars need to be fitted with a tow bar and 50mm tow ball.

17. Where can I get a towbar fitted?
Any tow bar specialist fitter will be able to fit your car with a tow bar with a 50mm ball.

18. What happens if I have an accident?
1) Report the accident to police
2) If another vehicle is involved collect the other party’s name, address, phone number, registration number and the name of their insurance company
3) Call us on 0435 415 696.
Please do not make any repairs to the trailer without our consent. Please note that the hirer is responsible for having the trailer returned to us. For full details please refer to our Trailer Hire Terms and Conditions

19. What happens if the trailer breaks down?
In the unlikely event that a trailer breaks down please contact us as soon as possible on 0435 415 696.

20. What happens if the trailer is not made available for collection as per agreement?
In the event that you call us on 0435 415 696 to inform us that the trailer won’t be ready for collection, in most cases it will be possible to simply extend the trailer hire period based on our standard rates but if no notice is given you will be charged a penalty rate of $49 per day. For full details please refer to our Trailer Hire Terms and Conditions

21. Do all trailers come with a spare wheel?
Yes. The spare wheel is secured with a padlock to deter any would be criminals from stealing the spare wheel. The padlock key is secured in the key lock box.  Please ensure you have the appropriate tools in case you need to replace a flat tyre.

22. What types of electrical plugs do the trailers have?
Our trailers come standard with a 7pin small round plug. However, we can provide any adapter to suit your vehicle.

23. How old do you need to be to rent one of our trailers?
21 years.

24. Do your trailers have brakes?

25. How do I secure my trailer, do you have locks?
Each trailer delivered is also supplied with a security cable, the key to this cable will be secured in a key lock box mounted on the trailer. The combination to the Lock Box will be supplied via text message to the mobile number on the booking once payment is confirmed.

26. Do I need a special license to rent a trailer?
Drivers with Probationary or Full Drivers Licenses are permitted to hire a trailer but drivers with Learners permit are not allowed to drive the vehicle while the trailer is hitched to the car.

27. Are there restrictions on the types of surfaces or roads I can take a rented trailer?
Our trailers have been designed to travel on sealed roads and are not intended for unsealed roads. When you hire a trailer, it is strictly forbidden to take the trailer onto any 4-wheel drive tracks, the beach, through water deeper than 10cm. For full details please refer to our Trailer Hire Terms and Conditions.

28. How does having a trailer impact me on Toll Roads?
Most Toll Roads do not charge extra for trailers being towed behind a car which has paid the Toll, but please check the Toll Road information boards of the roads as you pass through the booths. If any tolls are due you will be liable for those tolls.